Pollen pollen: healthy and powerful antioxidants

Pollen pollens are produced by honeybees and are very healthy for people. The grains are very rich in a wide range of vitamins, proteins, fatty acids and minerals. Among vegetarians pollen pollen are popular as a supplement because they can replace a number of foods that you miss when you do not eat meat. Pollen pollens are also very rich in antioxidants and therefore an important weapon in the fight against free radicals. Pollen pollen is available as granules only to be mixed in, for example, a smoothie, muesli or tea, but also in tablet or capsule form.

Pollen pollen: a gift from nature

Nature has a lot to give people, but of course we have to know what to look out for. Pollen pollen are really gifts of nature for that matter. Bees collect pollen and pollen daily which, as it were, stick to their paws. On close-up photos of bees it is often easy to see how they are completely covered in yellow grains. The bulk of this, however, continues to stick to their hind legs in a kind of baskets. Beekeepers harvest this pollen by using pollen traps, which enable them to absorb approximately 10% of the product. This is a process that does not cause any inconvenience to the bees themselves. The pollen pollen is then dried at a temperature of no more than 40 degrees and thereafter no further processing takes place. What remains is therefore a very pure product that man can take advantage of. Pollen pollen is very healthy and can be taken in different ways.

Pollen pollen is in fact the male reproductive cells of plants. They have the form of minuscule granules and these are in small pollen bags on plants. Bees migrate from flower to flower and then lasciviously root through the pollen bags so that the pollen pollen is released. Moisten pollen with nectar and clumps of pollen pollens. When the bees fly through a fine-meshed grid at the beekeeper, they lose an important part of this clog which is then collected in a drawer. The beekeeper, for example, harvests the pollen pollen.

What is so healthy about pollen pollens?

The reason pollen pollen is such a popular product that beekeepers do all that effort to harvest them is that pollen pollens are very healthy for humans. They are very rich in various important vitamins, proteins, fatty acids, minerals and carbohydrates. Many people use pollen pollen mainly to boost their stamina or energy level. It is also a very popular product among vegetarians because pollen pollen contain many of the important vitamins, proteins and minerals that vegetarians miss when they do not eat meat.

It is the combination of nutrients that you get when you use pollen pollen that makes it so very healthy. Pollen pollen are also known as antioxidants, which means that they protect the cells of the body against the influence of free radicals. These are harmful substances to which we are exposed daily, including air pollution, the consumption of unhealthy foods, stress or excessive sunlight. Under the influence of free radicals, cardiovascular diseases can eventually develop and the skin ages faster. To limit the influence of free radicals, many people use foods that are rich in antioxidants. Especially superfruits are known for this; think of maqui powder , black currant , lycopene or Indian gooseberry (amla) .

Pollen pollen in allergy

Pollen pollen are also used to combat allergies. This is because the pollen can reduce the presence of histamine and thus the violent reaction of your body in the form of sneezing, itching and watery eyes. The dosage must then be carefully built up. If you want to use pollen pollen to fight allergies, call in the help of an expert because in case of irresponsible use it can also trigger an allergic reaction.

How do you use pollen pollen?

Pollen pollen is a popular ingredient in homemade smoothies, muesli and fruit bowls. In that case, you can simply add one tablespoon of the pollen to your dish daily. It is also possible to take a spoonful of the pollen and melt it on your tongue. The taste is not known as dirty but not as tasty, although differences naturally taste. If you use it in, for example, a smoothie or in a bowl of yoghurt, the taste of the pollen will not dominate. The same applies when you let the pollen pollen dissolve in the tea.

If you are not so fond of the homemade smoothies and muesli’s but just want to quickly take your daily dose of antioxidants, then you can also choose to take the pollen pollen in the form of a tablet or pill. This can simply be done once a day with a glass of water.


Pollen pollen is widely available both pure and in tablet or capsule form. Examples of brands that offer pollen pollen in pure form are Mattisson, Traay, Prosana, Vitiv, and Bountiful. If you prefer to use pollen pollen in the form of a tablet or capsule, you can choose a product from the brands NOW, Proviform, Orthovitaal or Supreme Nutrition. Pollen pollen can be found under different names such as bee pollen, bee pollen or pollen grains.

Running and Losing Weight

Exercise is important for health, well-being and for losing weight. Running or jogging is one of the simplest and most effective weight loss training programs. The whole body is trained, with special attention to the muscles of the legs. When you jog to lose weight, a little effort goes a long way. And you can easily build up your training courses to a steady exercise regime.

Evaluate physical fitness

Evaluate your physical condition to determine if it would be better to walk alone in the beginning and then slowly build up to jogging. Beginners, particularly those with extreme obesity, should be careful when starting an exercise regimen. If you are not overweight and your physical fitness is good, jogging to lose weight can work well for you.

Set a weight loss goal

health ticket

To lose a pound a week, you have to burn 500 more calories per day than you consume. You can do this through exercises alone or through diet and exercise. Try to reduce your caloric intake by 250 calories and burn at least 250 calories per day through exercise.

How many calories do you burn?

Try to find out how many calories you burn per minute while running. Joggers weighing 127 to 137 pounds burn 9.2 calories per minute and joggers who weigh between 160 and 170 pounds burn 11.5 calories per minute. If you weigh between 180 and 200 pounds, you burn 12.7 calories per minute when jogging. Use 150 pounds and 10 calories per minute as average, just add a zero to the number of minutes you spend jogging and you get an estimate of the calories burned: 250 for 25 minutes, 300 for 30 minutes etc.

Create a running Schedule

Make a running schedule to follow during the week. Vary your exercise routine for the best results. Try jogging for 15 minutes at a higher speed and the next day 35 minutes at a slower pace. This allows you to further vary the schedule for the remaining days of the week. Buy good running shoes, plan a few routes, and start slowly when you need to move to a faster pace.

Extra Tips

Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated while jogging. Consult your doctor before starting a new exercise regimen if you have a heart condition or other health problem.


Can you get bigger buttocks in 1 week time ? Theoretically, that is very possible. When you get more calories than you burn, you become fatter. The fat will accumulate on your ass, among other things. top 10 breast enhancement products

But that is of course not the intention.

You want firm, full buttocks. Precisely no fat. In that case you will have to go to the box. When you do this well, you can see results within a week. But whether your buttocks are already of the size that you had in mind, that is the question.

Training bigger buttocks

Training for bigger buttocks is a completely different process than trying to get more tight buttocks. The difference is that with tighter buttocks you can focus on losing fat, which makes your buttocks thinner. By training they also become stronger and therefore tighter.

With larger buttocks you do not want the fat to disappear, but you want the mass to turn into muscles. This makes your buttocks firmer, but they remain bulky. The so-called Brazilian buttocks are an excellent example of this.

The training of bigger buttocks within a week you pick up by paying attention to the things below.

Eat enough and healthy

Your diet is the basis for your training. You have to eat enough, but also healthy. It is the intention that your fat mass is converted into muscles and that means that you have to start eating protein . These have a muscle building and restoring effect. They will therefore ensure that your buttocks will be strengthened immediately after intensive training or a light exercise. Protein makes the muscles not only stronger, but also bigger.

Do the right exercises

There are many exercises for your buttocks . But some exercises really focus on tight buttocks. These are the exercises that you should not have, because that is how you burn fat mass. You do not want that: you want to convert that fat mass into muscle mass.

So be critical when you look at the different ways to train your buttocks . Only do what you know for sure to strengthen your buttocks.

Keep calm

After an intensive training it is important that your buttocks can recover. Keep enough rest to give your body that time. If you do not, you run the risk of injuries and pain on your glutes .

If you have a week to train bigger buttocks, we recommend to train intensively for 2 days, then to have a rest day and then to train for another 2 days, to have a rest day and to really hit the last day. On the two days you start with 40 minutes of cardio training (to build up your fitness) and you end with 20 minutes of intensive training focused on your buttocks.

Take a good look at these exercises to see which ones can help you best.

After a week bigger buttocks

If you have done your best for a week, you will notice that your buttocks are tense. You have put quite a lot of pressure on them and they are now bigger for that reason. It is important to hold on to that, without continual tension.

So after a week you will slow down. Build it slowly and develop a schedule in which you can maintain your buttocks. That way you prevent injuries, but you successfully work towards your new, big and sexy ass.

7 white teeth tips – natural methods for whiter teeth

White teeth are a hype. Everyone knows the Hollywood smile : a radiant white smile with straight teeth. A clean, fresh and white teeth gives a healthy appearance. No one actually has snow-white white teeth. There is always a yellow glow over it.

White teeth, how do you get them?

The color of your teeth is genetically determined. It depends on your tooth bone and tooth enamel. The whiter the tooth bone, the whiter the color of your teeth. The tooth enamel forms a transparent layer over the teeth. The thicker the glaze, the whiter and shinier your teeth remain.

Tips for white teeth

White teeth may discolour over the years. Having yellow teeth does not feel particularly fine. They disfigure your smile and facial expression. The discolouration of your teeth is caused by a number of factors. We name these factors and give tips to get beautiful white teeth again …

1. Brush well

The number 1 tip for white teeth is and remains: brush well! It goes without saying, but not everyone keeps to it. How can you brush the best? To get white teeth is not necessarily the number of minutes that you brush. The brushing technique is much more important.

With optimal tooth cleaning, you take the time to individually brush each tooth. A circular movement of the gums to the tooth is the most ideal. The electric toothbrush makes this movement automatic and is therefore better for your teeth. A cleaning should take at least two minutes and takes place two or three times a day.

It is advisable not to brush immediately after the meal. The bacteria in your mouth produce acid, which affects your tooth enamel. So wait an hour before you brush. This keeps your tooth enamel and you get white teeth faster.

2. Stop smoking

Quitting smoking is perhaps easier said than done, but smoking is disastrous for your teeth. It not only increases the risk of inflammation and oral cancer, it also causes yellow or even brown teeth. Also choosing and filling materials can discolour. Smoke deposits can be compared with the attack that causes tea. It is only much more difficult to remove. As you smoke longer, your teeth will become more and more discolored.

3. Pay attention to coffee and wine!

White teeth turn yellow from dyes that are found in our food and drinks. A number of products, including coffee, tea and red wine, contain tannin. This affects the tooth enamel and discolours the teeth.

But synthetic dyes can also discolour your teeth. Think of candy like M & M’s. The many sugars that are in our food also accelerate the discolouration from white to yellow. Age and medicine use also play a role. In certain medications, such as antibiotics, there are also synthetic dyes.

4. Regularly visit the dentist and dental hygienist

For white teeth we advise to visit the dentist once every 6 months. In addition, it is wise to have your teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist. A dental hygienist removes plaque and tartar from places that are difficult to access.

5. Drink water after every meal

We have just talked about it. The bacteria and acids that are released in your mouth while eating and drinking. This is also called an acid attack. Everything you consume affects your teeth. Therefore, teach yourself to always drink one or two glasses of water afterwards. This way, you partially wash away the remaining acid layer and sugars.

6. Optically whiter teeth

Make-up, clothing and your hair color also determine how white your teeth look like. Your teeth can quickly look whiter by taking this into account. You accentuate yellow teeth by wearing lipstick with a yellow or orange undertone.

In addition, your teeth seem a lot whiter when your skin is browner. You might recognize that if you were on vacation? The browner the skin, the whiter the teeth. Of course you can also go for a neptint by using self tanner.

Finally, your hair color also plays a role. If you have a dark hair color, this contrasts more with your teeth. This makes your teeth look whiter than with blond hair.

7. Teeth were found at the dentist’s

Are you really at your wit’s end and do not you manage to get white teeth? You can have your teeth bleached. You will encounter many self-bleaching materials on television and in shops. Do not go to work here. This only affects your tooth enamel and often does not make the teeth much whiter. A dentist works with professional means whereby the dentine is bleached.

How to grow a dense and bushy beard?

Growing your beard is a decision that many men make. The density of the beard is mainly determined by genetic factors , as well as the hair of the head. But we can help our genes with some tricks to grow the beard as thick, populated and thick as possible within the limits that they mark. The most common recommendations are not to shave for at least a month, take biotin supplements and give facial massages to stimulate hair growth.


One of the most common myths about the growth of beards is that the more you shave, the more new hair you will grow, or the one you had will grow stronger, and your beard will be more abundant. Frequent shaving has not proven such a thing, objectively shaving more or less often does not have any significant change, let alone permanent, about how the hair of the beard grows. The fact that you are one of those who shave daily or who shave once a week will not have any impact on their growth.

Do not shave for at least 1 month

Once you have decided to let your beard grow, one thing you should do is simply leave it to your own devices . Let it grow for at least 1 month without shaving or cutting . In this way the hair is given an opportunity to establish itself solidly. This is one of the best recommendations for the beard to grow thick and dense within its own genetic limits.

At the beginning of letting grow the beard it is frequent that the skin is irritated. Short hair rubs the skin and can cause quite itchy. Scratching can make irritation worse, even cause rashes that result in uneven hair growth. If the itching becomes unbearable you can try applying a vitamin E oil making sure it reaches the skin under the beard. A good shampoo and exfoliation can also help.

Stimulates hair growth through facial massages

The facial massages will stimulate the blood circulation in the face. Circulation on the surface of the skin is frequently related to capillary growth because through the blood the follicle receives the oxygen and nutrients it needs to form a strong and healthy hair. Better circulation will bring more nutrients to the hair follicle and will remove waste products faster promoting hair growth. The facial massages would thus help to have a dense beard. The massage can be given by yourself making circular movements with the fingertips on the skin of the entire face and neck. These movements have to be vigorous but not too tight.

Take biotin supplements

The Biotin , also known as vitamin H or vitamin B 7 (sometimes also called vitamin B 8 ) is widely recommended by dermatologists to strengthen nails, hair and skin. It can be found as an active ingredient in many cosmetic products and also as a nutritional supplement. Taking the biotin supplement, along with a healthy and balanced diet, would help the growth of the beard by providing the nutrients that the hair needs. The brewer ‘s yeast is an ideal place to promote hair growth as it contains biotin and other good vitamins to stimulate hair growth dietary supplement. The yolk of egg, the liver and the meat in general are also good source of biotin.

Avoid stress and eat healthy

As with hair on the head, stress, mood and diet greatly influences your health. Stress can cause less hair to grow and to fall out more and a bad diet can cause the hair to be born weaker. Increase the consumption of vegetables, especially greens, fruits and make sure that your diet gives you the right amount of protein (meats, fish, legumes).

Other products and supplements

Some people say that rubbing eucalyptus oil, rosemary or coconut oil stimulates hair growth. You can use a couple of drops to rub the beard, leave on for a few minutes and rinse with plenty of water. I also mail the rumor that rubbing an onion by the beard before sleeping makes the beard grow faster. None of this has been proven, but many men say it works. Try it and tell us your experience.

Tips to keep your hair healthy so it grows faster

Tips to keep your hair healthy so it grows faster

Most women feel that their hair is an indispensable part of their appearance and that a beautiful bright forest hair undoubtedly boosts their self-esteem. Growing your hair can be frustrating especially if you’re struggling with hair loss or fragile hair that grows slowly. Here are some tips Hanka Billy that will help you grow your hair faster and give it a healthy glow.

Caffeine is food for growing hair

For your hair to grow your hair roots need energy. Try to acquire hair products containing caffeine. Caffeine stimulates your hair roots and provides the necessary energy for your hair to grow, it also helps to prevent hair loss.

Beware of washing too much hair

Your hair has natural oils that nourish your hair and give natural shine, but when you’re too hairy, you do not give the oils the chance to feed your entire hair length. This causes split points that you have to cut off later. To help spread the natural oils over your hair, buy a piglet brush. The natural oils cling to the brush hair, and then as you spread your hair comb the oils to the tips of your hair.

Make your hair dry in the right way

You can damage your hair by the way you dry your hair. Watch your head upside down and rub your wet hair roughly with a towel, because your hairpins (the outer part of your hair lying down like scales) lies roughly and unevenly. It damages your hair and leaves it cake. With the towel, press the water out of your hair so that the hairpins are smooth. This will make you with stronger and shiny hair because it reflects more light when the hairpins lie smoothly. When your hair is wet, use a tooth comb to polish your hair rather than a normal hairbrush. It pulls less on your hair so it does not break.

Feed your hair through the foods you ingest

Your hair consists largely of keratin, a type of protein that can be supplemented by eating protein-rich foods like eggs, lentils, Greek yogurt and legumes. Seeds like flax and chiasade are also very good for the healthy growth of your hair because it contains essential fatty acids like omega 3 that promote blood circulation to your scalp.

The best fitness nutrition in a handy overview

The best fitness nutrition in a handy overview

Sports is not just about training. The right fitness diet is also essential to achieve the results you have in mind! Without sufficient building materials, your body can not focus on the growth of your muscle mass.

This does not mean that you will receive specific products. Instead, it is more important that you focus on the nutrients you need. Within those categories you can then vary as much as you want! In this blog we mention the nutrients by  https://weightyz.com/ that are not allowed in your fitness diet Рand the products they are in!

Nutrients for fitness

Egg whites

Proteins supply amino acids, which are the building blocks of your muscles. So it is essential to get enough of this as a power athlete. For moderately intensive athletes, approximately 1.2-1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight is the ideal amount. If you train really hard, it can reach up to 1.8 grams.

Sources of proteins that contain all amino acids are:

Meat and fish
Soy (such as tofu and tempeh )

In addition, there are many vegetable protein sources that supply part of the essential amino acids. By combining these with each other you still get a full protein profile. For example, think of:

Whole grain cereals
Relatively high- protein vegetables such as broccoli and spinach


Carbohydrates have often been put away as unhealthy fatteners in recent years. Unfairly, because with the healthy type nothing is wrong. Slow carbohydrates with sufficient fiber provide energy that you desperately need if you exercise a lot. Good sources are, for example:

Whole grain cereals, such as wholemeal bread , silver fleece or whole grain pasta
Potatoes and sweet potatoes
Vegetable and fruit

Fast carbohydrates stand in front of slow carbohydrates . Usually you can avoid them better, because they quickly raise (and lower) your blood sugar levels . As a result, they only give a short energy and you suffer from hunger attacks.

However, fast carbohydrates are useful if you have just finished training. Your body then needs immediate energy to start the recovery . That is why some sources of fast carbohydrates can be included in a list of fitness foods. It is still wise to choose products without added sugars , such as:

Fruit and smoothies
White bread , white pasta and regular rice
Mashed potatoes


You will not get fat from fats – certainly the healthy, unsaturated varieties! On the contrary: omega-3 fatty acids can stimulate insulin sensitivity ( 1 ), which can support fat loss . Also fats help you to absorb certain vitamins and minerals . You can get healthy fats out, for example:

Fatty fish, such as salmon or tuna
Nuts, seeds and seeds
Olive oil and other healthy vegetable oils

Vitamin B

Different B vitamins have various positive properties, but partly play an important role in the energy supply. So it is important to get it sufficiently. The advantage? If you choose fitness nutrition as described above, you will soon be well. B vitamins are for example in:

Animal products
Whole grain cereals and potatoes
Nuts and seeds


Magnesium plays an essential role in the conversion of macronutrients to energy and the optimal functioning of your muscles. It is for example in:

Milk products


Iron is used in the production of red blood cells, which are essential for supplying your muscles with oxygen. More iron intake also improves your maximum strength and the efficiency of your training. You can find the mineral for example in:

Animal products


Zinc, finally, is closely involved in the growth and repair of body tissue. Moreover, it also contributes to the energy supply. It is therefore indispensable in good fitness nutrition. Sources are:

Whole grain cereals

What is Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor

What is Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor

An Intestinal Stromal Growth (ESSENCE) is a rare kind of cancer. The growths develop from support tissue of the gastrointestinal system. An ESSENCE is most common in the stomach wall (60-70%) and in the small intestine (20-30%). A GIST can also happen in the esophagus, colon or rectum. In unusual cases a GIST takes place at other locations in the abdominal cavity. An ESSENCE in the stomach is not stand cancer and an ESSENCE in the gut is not a bowel cancer. Metastases (metastases) frequently happen in the abdominal cavity, in the peritoneum and in the liver.

See exactly what you can do

An Intestinal Stromal Tumor (ESSENCE) is an unusual form of cancer. The tumors occur from assistance tissue of the intestinal system. An ESSENCE is most common in the stomach wall (60-70%) and in the small intestinal tract (20-30%). A GIST can also take place in the esophagus, colon or anus. In unusual cases a GIST occurs at other places in the stomach cavity. A GIST in the stomach is not swallow cancer and a GIST in the gut is not a bowel cancer. Metastases (metastases) often happen in the stomach cavity, in the peritoneum and in the liver.


Gastro Intestinal Stroma Tumors fall under the group of growths or sarcomas of the soft tissue. These are also called ‘soft tissue sarcomas’. By soft tissue is suggested the tissue that is located around the organs and bones. This is for example connective tissue, nerve tissue, muscle tissue and adipose tissue.

Sarcomas are unusual tumors that take place in the soft tissues and in the bones and occur from assistance tissue. Sarcomas are very various growths than the ‘typical’ kinds of cancer; the so-called carcinomas. The treatment is therefore extremely different. Carcinomas are types of cancer that emerge from tissue of the organs. About 80-90% of all cancers are cancers. Bowel cancer, stomach cancer and liver cancer are examples of carcinomas.

Incidence ESSENCE

Every year in the Netherlands there have to do with 250 to 300 brand-new clients with an ESSENCE. However, it is not exactly understood how many patients there are with a GIST. An ESSENCE is most typical in adults between the ages of 50 and 70, however a GIST likewise occurs in kids and in aging. A GIST is simply as common in males as in females.

Reason For Gastro Digestive Stroma Tumor (GIST).

The reason for the event of an ESSENCE is not yet specifically understood. It is understood that in cells of a GIST a modification (anomaly) can be seen in the DNA. DNA is the genetic material that exists in all cells of our body. The change in GIST cells remains in the C-KIT gene. We call this change an anomaly. The C-KIT gene is among the genes that regulates the growth of new cells. A change in this gene offers an increased chance of a GIST.

Heredity most likely plays little or no role. Only a few families are known where a GIST is more typical. Anomalies in the C-KIT gene for that reason take place at a later age. An ESSENCE is a so-called gotten condition that is not handed down to children.

Complaints and signs in Gastro Intestinal tract Stroma Tumor (GIST).

The grievances depend upon the area of the tumor. A GIST is regularly found by accident due to the fact that there are typically no clear symptoms.

Grievances that can take place at ESSENCE are:.

Stomach pains.
A complete sensation.

Digestive occlusion (ileus).

In the intestinal tract a digestive tract occlusion can be triggered by a GIST. This is called an ileus. An ileus causes abrupt, violent symptoms such as serious stomach pain and a great deal of throwing up. An ileus normally needs to be run quickly to avoid the closed part of the intestinal tract from dying off.


Growths that bleed can trigger anemia. If you suffer from anemia, you are particularly troubled by tiredness and pale vision. Often blood loss is simple to identify for example if you see blood in your stool or vomit. In most cases, the blood loss goes very slowly. Percentages of blood combine with the feces and that is challenging to see. If you struggle with a black, tar-like stool, it indicates blood loss from your stomach or little intestine.

Diagnosis of Gastro Digestive Tract Stroma Tumor (GIST).

Tumors can be detected by means of various imaging tests:.
Ultrasound of the abdomen;.
CT scan (Computer Tomography) of the abdomen;.
MRI scan (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) of the abdominal area.
A CT scan is made virtually with every client with a GIST, also to discover possible metastases.

In order to be able to make the medical diagnosis of ESSENCE with certainty, a bite of tissue (biopsy) of the growth is required. This bite of tissue is taken a look at in the lab for the qualities of an ESSENCE. It is crucial for the treatment that the medical diagnosis is made with certainty. A GIST is dealt with differently than other types of cancer.

Sometimes it is possible to take a biopsy from a growth through a visual inspection. Generally the medical professional takes a biopsy by methods of a leak (biopsy). Through your abdominal wall the doctor opts for a hollow needle into the tumor to draw up some tissue. This is usually done using ECHO or CT research. The doctor can likewise take a biopsy of the growth throughout a colonoscopy (a visual assessment of the big intestine) or during a gastroscopy (a visual assessment of the stomach).

Incidentally, taking a biopsy at a GIST is not without threat. There is a risk that tumor cells spread through the research. If you are already particular that you are being operated on, taking a biopsy is not suggested. A piece of tissue from the growth can therefore be taken a look at right away after the operation.

Treatment of Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor (GIST).


If it is possible, the favoritism is an operation. The entire growth is removed throughout the operation. An operation is not possible with some growths. This depends, to name a few things, on the place of the growth and the existence of any metastases. In many cases the growth comes back after an operation. This can occur within a couple of months, but also after many years. There is therefore a distinction in malignancy between Gastro Digestive tract Stroma Growths mutually.


In addition to surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are the most frequently utilized treatments for cancer. With a GIST, nevertheless, these two treatments are ineffective. For some years there has actually been a treatment with a medication that is effective at an ESSENCE. This is the drug Imatinib. Treatment with Imatinib is now the standard treatment for metastatic forms of an ESSENCE when surgical treatment is not possible. Imatinib is a contemporary kind of chemotherapy and is offered in the form of tablets. Chemotherapyis a treatment with anti-cancer drugs. Imatinib works very specifically against ESSENCE cells. Healthy cells are not damaged by this medication. It is therefore also called targeted treatment. The negative effects of targeted treatment are generally milder than with ‘routine’ chemotherapy.

Radio Frequent Ablation (RFA).

In many cases, tumors can be treated with Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA). This is a heat treatment where the tumor is warmed to 80 degrees. The tissue can not bear this heat and passes away.

Imatinib/ Sunitinib.

Imatinib can not treat an ESSENCE but it keeps the disease under control for some time. Numerous ESSENCE patients benefit rapidly and for a long period of time from this medication. Tumors often lessen or remain stable. Nevertheless, an operation remains the preferred treatment, if possible. In some cases Imatinib is prescribed to clients with a big tumor that is tough to get rid of. Due to the fact that of the treatment the growth can become smaller and the operation has more possibility of success.

In spite of the effective treatment with Imatinib, research is being done on other treatments. There is an increasing issue of resistance that arises after a long-lasting treatment. Resistance is insensitivity to treatment with that medication. If resistance happens, ESSENCE growths will grow once again and grievances might arise again. Typically this wants 20-24 months however this duration can differ greatly per person.

When Imatinib quits working effectively, the medication Sunitinib can be recommended. Sunitinib is, like Imatinib, a medicine in tablet type. Sunitinib prevents tumor growth as well as the formation of new members vessels in the growth. A tumor gets oxygen and nutrients through the blood. If the blood supply is hindered, the growth can not end up being bigger. With Suninitib the growth can be kept under control for a longer period of time. In time, resistance to Sunitinib often develops.

Is Beard And Mustache Transplant Good For You

Is Beard And Mustache Transplant Good For You

A beard of a few days (the ‘hipster beard’) is stylish today. It refers not shaving for a few days and then keeping the beard (or mustache) well. But exactly what if you do not have hair development in those places? Then choose a hair transplantation or a beard hair transplantation at Hair Plus treatment.

A whiskers hair transplantation and/ or a beard transplant is a long-term service if the hair on your face is completely or partly missing out on. That can be natural, then it can likewise come through a scar. Or perhaps you do not find the thickness of the hairs sufficient. The natural outcome of the treatment is long-term, the procedure is essentially pain-free and you will not leave any scars.

How does the FUE method work?

A mustache or beard transplant is finished with the FUE technique (Hair follicle System Extraction). One by one our hair technician eliminates grafts (hair roots) from a donor area on the back of your head. The grafts are checked for quality and then returned one by one to the locations where you want them. The transplanted grafts continue to produce hairs throughout your life.

The variety of grafts required depends on the area of the bare or thinned area and the transplant density. The variety of grafts in a mustache or beard transplant can vary from 50 to 1500 grafts. Throughout a totally free consultation, one of our medical professionals makes an accurate quote. The treatment takes between 4 and 7 hours.

What does a mustache or beard hair transplant expense?

The expenses relate to the number of grafts. In our rates list you will find an introduction of exactly what you spend for a mustache and/ or beard transplant.

Would you like more information about a mustache or beard transplant?

Then make an appointment for a free assessment. Our medical professionals will inform you extensively about the possibilities, the expenses and the treatment procedure. With this information you can decide a lot easier.

Exercises To Perform In Hernia With Precaution

Exercises To Perform In Hernia With Precaution

Workouts groin rupture sometimes, can assist to enhance the front stomach wall. But do these exercises just with the authorization of a physician and under the guidance of a professional – physiotherapist trainer. Independent work can cause a pinched hernia.

Health club to do inguinal hernia?

Gymnastic inguinal hernia strengthens the abdominal muscles and the muscular system to help keep the hernia in the reduction state. Sadly, the just one in the health club inguinal hernia is not enough. To eliminate a hernia, hernia repair needed to carry out the surgery and subsequent plastics hernia aperture. Exercises for inguinal hernia in males Lose hernia in men – at any age fraught slighted in addition to the effectiveness of usage skeptical.

However after hernia repair work gymnastics restores the body, it helps to enhance the abdominal muscles, prevention of reoccurrences and adds to weight-loss, which is also crucial for inguinal hernia.

But in any case, physical inguinal hernia (workout) are designated a medical professional and under the guidance of a specialist, a minimum of in the start, till the client plainly has actually not mastered all movements.

Exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles are exceptional avoidance of inguinal hernia. If the hernia is not, as individuals typically raise weights or perform other heavy physical work, a set of exercises for the abdominal area to prevent the advancement of inguinal hernia.

Workouts after the surgery inguinal hernia – the first phase

Physiotherapy after hernia surgical treatment helps clients recover quicker. There are special complexes workouts targeted at avoiding lung complications, activation of motility of the intestinal tract, prevention of thrombosis and embolism (obstruction of the blood vessels), to promote blood and lymph flow in the area of postoperative injuries.

In the very first hours after surgery to enhance peripheral circulation in an intricate workout treatment, exercise to enhance small and medium-sized muscle groups of the limbs consist of: tilting the head forward to the chest chin, flexing the lower limbs in the knee and hip joints, ernative distraction legs on the side, raising the hips to support on elbows and feet, rotate the trunk to the side.

2nd step

After 4-6 hours after the operation, the patient should stand up and walk for approximately 40% of the time in an upright position. A couple of days later, this is 60% of waking hours. At the moment you can work out for abdominal muscles, promotes the procedure of healing from postoperative wounds and breathing exercises with the start of a pressure in the very first servant, and after that begin in a hehy way.

Includes workouts with the likely knees in the operated and hehy side, lifting the pelvis as you breathe out, concurrently bending the legs at the knee and hip in the supine position.

Carries out diaphragmatic breathing workouts (under the assistance of a trainer LFK) lying on his side, legs set on the knees and hips. On the exhale is eliminated foot back, raising his hand up. Then repeat all exercises, pushing the other side.

Third and subsequent phases

After eliminating the stitches for posture correction Posture – a few handy pointers for those who wish to stroll direct are appointed exercises for the muscles of the shoulder girdle, torso twists in a standing position. Upper body forward, lateral tilt, sit-ups, increase intra-abdominal pressure, are later recorded.

A few days after eliminating sutures (length of time depends upon the condition of the wound and the nature of the operation) after the doctor’s approval physiotherapy inguinal hernia may be the following exercises to reinforce the abdominal muscles:

twist oblique: position – lying on his back, his left knee encompasses the ideal elbow and vice versa; repetition of the exercises should increase extremely slowly as much as 40-50 times two times a day;
Bike: supine, curled arms behind his head, legs twist fictional bicycle pedal, gradually increasing the speed and angle of the legs;
Scissors: supine, arms curled behind his head, legs extended and raised above the floor; Vertical motion of the scissors legs to do a slow speed;
circular rotation of each leg in the prolonged position: supine position, hands behind the head, independently for each leg to make circular motions, the area of the surgical wounds by hand;
abdominal breathing with the weighing on the stomach: supine position, a little weight on the stomach (for instance a book); inspiratory convex belly as high as possible while breathing out – pulling;
Raise the pelvis: supine position, knees bent, ought to be gradually increased and reduced.
Do all workouts in the inguinal hernia just after assessment with your medical professional.