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White teeth are a hype. Everyone knows the Hollywood smile : a radiant white smile with straight teeth. A clean, fresh and white teeth gives a healthy appearance. No one actually has snow-white white teeth. There is always a yellow glow over it.

White teeth, how do you get them?

The color of your teeth is genetically determined. It depends on your tooth bone and tooth enamel. The whiter the tooth bone, the whiter the color of your teeth. The tooth enamel forms a transparent layer over the teeth. The thicker the glaze, the whiter and shinier your teeth remain.

Tips for white teeth

White teeth may discolour over the years. Having yellow teeth does not feel particularly fine. They disfigure your smile and facial expression. The discolouration of your teeth is caused by a number of factors. We name these factors and give tips to get beautiful white teeth again …

1. Brush well

The number 1 tip for white teeth is and remains: brush well! It goes without saying, but not everyone keeps to it. How can you brush the best? To get white teeth is not necessarily the number of minutes that you brush. The brushing technique is much more important.

With optimal tooth cleaning, you take the time to individually brush each tooth. A circular movement of the gums to the tooth is the most ideal. The electric toothbrush makes this movement automatic and is therefore better for your teeth. A cleaning should take at least two minutes and takes place two or three times a day.

It is advisable not to brush immediately after the meal. The bacteria in your mouth produce acid, which affects your tooth enamel. So wait an hour before you brush. This keeps your tooth enamel and you get white teeth faster.

2. Stop smoking

Quitting smoking is perhaps easier said than done, but smoking is disastrous for your teeth. It not only increases the risk of inflammation and oral cancer, it also causes yellow or even brown teeth. Also choosing and filling materials can discolour. Smoke deposits can be compared with the attack that causes tea. It is only much more difficult to remove. As you smoke longer, your teeth will become more and more discolored.

3. Pay attention to coffee and wine!

White teeth turn yellow from dyes that are found in our food and drinks. A number of products, including coffee, tea and red wine, contain tannin. This affects the tooth enamel and discolours the teeth.

But synthetic dyes can also discolour your teeth. Think of candy like M & M’s. The many sugars that are in our food also accelerate the discolouration from white to yellow. Age and medicine use also play a role. In certain medications, such as antibiotics, there are also synthetic dyes.

4. Regularly visit the dentist and dental hygienist

For white teeth we advise to visit the dentist once every 6 months. In addition, it is wise to have your teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist. A dental hygienist removes plaque and tartar from places that are difficult to access.

5. Drink water after every meal

We have just talked about it. The bacteria and acids that are released in your mouth while eating and drinking. This is also called an acid attack. Everything you consume affects your teeth. Therefore, teach yourself to always drink one or two glasses of water afterwards. This way, you partially wash away the remaining acid layer and sugars.

6. Optically whiter teeth

Make-up, clothing and your hair color also determine how white your teeth look like. Your teeth can quickly look whiter by taking this into account. You accentuate yellow teeth by wearing lipstick with a yellow or orange undertone.

In addition, your teeth seem a lot whiter when your skin is browner. You might recognize that if you were on vacation? The browner the skin, the whiter the teeth. Of course you can also go for a neptint by using self tanner.

Finally, your hair color also plays a role. If you have a dark hair color, this contrasts more with your teeth. This makes your teeth look whiter than with blond hair.

7. Teeth were found at the dentist’s

Are you really at your wit’s end and do not you manage to get white teeth? You can have your teeth bleached. You will encounter many self-bleaching materials on television and in shops. Do not go to work here. This only affects your tooth enamel and often does not make the teeth much whiter. A dentist works with professional means whereby the dentine is bleached.

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