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Growing your beard is a decision that many men make. The density of the beard is mainly determined by genetic factors , as well as the hair of the head. But we can help our genes with some tricks to grow the beard as thick, populated and thick as possible within the limits that they mark. The most common recommendations are not to shave for at least a month, take biotin supplements and give facial massages to stimulate hair growth.


One of the most common myths about the growth of beards is that the more you shave, the more new hair you will grow, or the one you had will grow stronger, and your beard will be more abundant. Frequent shaving has not proven such a thing, objectively shaving more or less often does not have any significant change, let alone permanent, about how the hair of the beard grows. The fact that you are one of those who shave daily or who shave once a week will not have any impact on their growth.

Do not shave for at least 1 month

Once you have decided to let your beard grow, one thing you should do is simply leave it to your own devices . Let it grow for at least 1 month without shaving or cutting . In this way the hair is given an opportunity to establish itself solidly. This is one of the best recommendations for the beard to grow thick and dense within its own genetic limits.

At the beginning of letting grow the beard it is frequent that the skin is irritated. Short hair rubs the skin and can cause quite itchy. Scratching can make irritation worse, even cause rashes that result in uneven hair growth. If the itching becomes unbearable you can try applying a vitamin E oil making sure it reaches the skin under the beard. A good shampoo and exfoliation can also help.

Stimulates hair growth through facial massages

The facial massages will stimulate the blood circulation in the face. Circulation on the surface of the skin is frequently related to capillary growth because through the blood the follicle receives the oxygen and nutrients it needs to form a strong and healthy hair. Better circulation will bring more nutrients to the hair follicle and will remove waste products faster promoting hair growth. The facial massages would thus help to have a dense beard. The massage can be given by yourself making circular movements with the fingertips on the skin of the entire face and neck. These movements have to be vigorous but not too tight.

Take biotin supplements

The Biotin , also known as vitamin H or vitamin B 7 (sometimes also called vitamin B 8 ) is widely recommended by dermatologists to strengthen nails, hair and skin. It can be found as an active ingredient in many cosmetic products and also as a nutritional supplement. Taking the biotin supplement, along with a healthy and balanced diet, would help the growth of the beard by providing the nutrients that the hair needs. The brewer ‘s yeast is an ideal place to promote hair growth as it contains biotin and other good vitamins to stimulate hair growth dietary supplement. The yolk of egg, the liver and the meat in general are also good source of biotin.

Avoid stress and eat healthy

As with hair on the head, stress, mood and diet greatly influences your health. Stress can cause less hair to grow and to fall out more and a bad diet can cause the hair to be born weaker. Increase the consumption of vegetables, especially greens, fruits and make sure that your diet gives you the right amount of protein (meats, fish, legumes).

Other products and supplements

Some people say that rubbing eucalyptus oil, rosemary or coconut oil stimulates hair growth. You can use a couple of drops to rub the beard, leave on for a few minutes and rinse with plenty of water. I also mail the rumor that rubbing an onion by the beard before sleeping makes the beard grow faster. None of this has been proven, but many men say it works. Try it and tell us your experience.

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