Is Beard And Mustache Transplant Good For You
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A beard of a few days (the ‘hipster beard’) is stylish today. It refers not shaving for a few days and then keeping the beard (or mustache) well. But exactly what if you do not have hair development in those places? Then choose a hair transplantation or a beard hair transplantation at Hair Plus treatment.

A whiskers hair transplantation and/ or a beard transplant is a long-term service if the hair on your face is completely or partly missing out on. That can be natural, then it can likewise come through a scar. Or perhaps you do not find the thickness of the hairs sufficient. The natural outcome of the treatment is long-term, the procedure is essentially pain-free and you will not leave any scars.

How does the FUE method work?

A mustache or beard transplant is finished with the FUE technique (Hair follicle System Extraction). One by one our hair technician eliminates grafts (hair roots) from a donor area on the back of your head. The grafts are checked for quality and then returned one by one to the locations where you want them. The transplanted grafts continue to produce hairs throughout your life.

The variety of grafts required depends on the area of the bare or thinned area and the transplant density. The variety of grafts in a mustache or beard transplant can vary from 50 to 1500 grafts. Throughout a totally free consultation, one of our medical professionals makes an accurate quote. The treatment takes between 4 and 7 hours.

What does a mustache or beard hair transplant expense?

The expenses relate to the number of grafts. In our rates list you will find an introduction of exactly what you spend for a mustache and/ or beard transplant.

Would you like more information about a mustache or beard transplant?

Then make an appointment for a free assessment. Our medical professionals will inform you extensively about the possibilities, the expenses and the treatment procedure. With this information you can decide a lot easier.

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