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Can you get bigger buttocks in 1 week time ? Theoretically, that is very possible. When you get more calories than you burn, you become fatter. The fat will accumulate on your ass, among other things. top 10 breast enhancement products

But that is of course not the intention.

You want firm, full buttocks. Precisely no fat. In that case you will have to go to the box. When you do this well, you can see results within a week. But whether your buttocks are already of the size that you had in mind, that is the question.

Training bigger buttocks

Training for bigger buttocks is a completely different process than trying to get more tight buttocks. The difference is that with tighter buttocks you can focus on losing fat, which makes your buttocks thinner. By training they also become stronger and therefore tighter.

With larger buttocks you do not want the fat to disappear, but you want the mass to turn into muscles. This makes your buttocks firmer, but they remain bulky. The so-called Brazilian buttocks are an excellent example of this.

The training of bigger buttocks within a week you pick up by paying attention to the things below.

Eat enough and healthy

Your diet is the basis for your training. You have to eat enough, but also healthy. It is the intention that your fat mass is converted into muscles and that means that you have to start eating protein . These have a muscle building and restoring effect. They will therefore ensure that your buttocks will be strengthened immediately after intensive training or a light exercise. Protein makes the muscles not only stronger, but also bigger.

Do the right exercises

There are many exercises for your buttocks . But some exercises really focus on tight buttocks. These are the exercises that you should not have, because that is how you burn fat mass. You do not want that: you want to convert that fat mass into muscle mass.

So be critical when you look at the different ways to train your buttocks . Only do what you know for sure to strengthen your buttocks.

Keep calm

After an intensive training it is important that your buttocks can recover. Keep enough rest to give your body that time. If you do not, you run the risk of injuries and pain on your glutes .

If you have a week to train bigger buttocks, we recommend to train intensively for 2 days, then to have a rest day and then to train for another 2 days, to have a rest day and to really hit the last day. On the two days you start with 40 minutes of cardio training (to build up your fitness) and you end with 20 minutes of intensive training focused on your buttocks.

Take a good look at these exercises to see which ones can help you best.

After a week bigger buttocks

If you have done your best for a week, you will notice that your buttocks are tense. You have put quite a lot of pressure on them and they are now bigger for that reason. It is important to hold on to that, without continual tension.

So after a week you will slow down. Build it slowly and develop a schedule in which you can maintain your buttocks. That way you prevent injuries, but you successfully work towards your new, big and sexy ass.

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