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Pollen pollens are produced by honeybees and are very healthy for people. The grains are very rich in a wide range of vitamins, proteins, fatty acids and minerals. Among vegetarians pollen pollen are popular as a supplement because they can replace a number of foods that you miss when you do not eat meat. Pollen pollens are also very rich in antioxidants and therefore an important weapon in the fight against free radicals. Pollen pollen is available as granules only to be mixed in, for example, a smoothie, muesli or tea, but also in tablet or capsule form.

Pollen pollen: a gift from nature

Nature has a lot to give people, but of course we have to know what to look out for. Pollen pollen are really gifts of nature for that matter. Bees collect pollen and pollen daily which, as it were, stick to their paws. On close-up photos of bees it is often easy to see how they are completely covered in yellow grains. The bulk of this, however, continues to stick to their hind legs in a kind of baskets. Beekeepers harvest this pollen by using pollen traps, which enable them to absorb approximately 10% of the product. This is a process that does not cause any inconvenience to the bees themselves. The pollen pollen is then dried at a temperature of no more than 40 degrees and thereafter no further processing takes place. What remains is therefore a very pure product that man can take advantage of. Pollen pollen is very healthy and can be taken in different ways.

Pollen pollen is in fact the male reproductive cells of plants. They have the form of minuscule granules and these are in small pollen bags on plants. Bees migrate from flower to flower and then lasciviously root through the pollen bags so that the pollen pollen is released. Moisten pollen with nectar and clumps of pollen pollens. When the bees fly through a fine-meshed grid at the beekeeper, they lose an important part of this clog which is then collected in a drawer. The beekeeper, for example, harvests the pollen pollen.

What is so healthy about pollen pollens?

The reason pollen pollen is such a popular product that beekeepers do all that effort to harvest them is that pollen pollens are very healthy for humans. They are very rich in various important vitamins, proteins, fatty acids, minerals and carbohydrates. Many people use pollen pollen mainly to boost their stamina or energy level. It is also a very popular product among vegetarians because pollen pollen contain many of the important vitamins, proteins and minerals that vegetarians miss when they do not eat meat.

It is the combination of nutrients that you get when you use pollen pollen that makes it so very healthy. Pollen pollen are also known as antioxidants, which means that they protect the cells of the body against the influence of free radicals. These are harmful substances to which we are exposed daily, including air pollution, the consumption of unhealthy foods, stress or excessive sunlight. Under the influence of free radicals, cardiovascular diseases can eventually develop and the skin ages faster. To limit the influence of free radicals, many people use foods that are rich in antioxidants. Especially superfruits are known for this; think of maqui powder , black currant , lycopene or Indian gooseberry (amla) .

Pollen pollen in allergy

Pollen pollen are also used to combat allergies. This is because the pollen can reduce the presence of histamine and thus the violent reaction of your body in the form of sneezing, itching and watery eyes. The dosage must then be carefully built up. If you want to use pollen pollen to fight allergies, call in the help of an expert because in case of irresponsible use it can also trigger an allergic reaction.

How do you use pollen pollen?

Pollen pollen is a popular ingredient in homemade smoothies, muesli and fruit bowls. In that case, you can simply add one tablespoon of the pollen to your dish daily. It is also possible to take a spoonful of the pollen and melt it on your tongue. The taste is not known as dirty but not as tasty, although differences naturally taste. If you use it in, for example, a smoothie or in a bowl of yoghurt, the taste of the pollen will not dominate. The same applies when you let the pollen pollen dissolve in the tea.

If you are not so fond of the homemade smoothies and muesli’s but just want to quickly take your daily dose of antioxidants, then you can also choose to take the pollen pollen in the form of a tablet or pill. This can simply be done once a day with a glass of water.


Pollen pollen is widely available both pure and in tablet or capsule form. Examples of brands that offer pollen pollen in pure form are Mattisson, Traay, Prosana, Vitiv, and Bountiful. If you prefer to use pollen pollen in the form of a tablet or capsule, you can choose a product from the brands NOW, Proviform, Orthovitaal or Supreme Nutrition. Pollen pollen can be found under different names such as bee pollen, bee pollen or pollen grains.