Tips to keep your hair healthy so it grows faster
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Most women feel that their hair is an indispensable part of their appearance and that a beautiful bright forest hair undoubtedly boosts their self-esteem. Growing your hair can be frustrating especially if you’re struggling with hair loss or fragile hair that grows slowly. Here are some tips Hanka Billy that will help you grow your hair faster and give it a healthy glow.

Caffeine is food for growing hair

For your hair to grow your hair roots need energy. Try to acquire hair products containing caffeine. Caffeine stimulates your hair roots and provides the necessary energy for your hair to grow, it also helps to prevent hair loss.

Beware of washing too much hair

Your hair has natural oils that nourish your hair and give natural shine, but when you’re too hairy, you do not give the oils the chance to feed your entire hair length. This causes split points that you have to cut off later. To help spread the natural oils over your hair, buy a piglet brush. The natural oils cling to the brush hair, and then as you spread your hair comb the oils to the tips of your hair.

Make your hair dry in the right way

You can damage your hair by the way you dry your hair. Watch your head upside down and rub your wet hair roughly with a towel, because your hairpins (the outer part of your hair lying down like scales) lies roughly and unevenly. It damages your hair and leaves it cake. With the towel, press the water out of your hair so that the hairpins are smooth. This will make you with stronger and shiny hair because it reflects more light when the hairpins lie smoothly. When your hair is wet, use a tooth comb to polish your hair rather than a normal hairbrush. It pulls less on your hair so it does not break.

Feed your hair through the foods you ingest

Your hair consists largely of keratin, a type of protein that can be supplemented by eating protein-rich foods like eggs, lentils, Greek yogurt and legumes. Seeds like flax and chiasade are also very good for the healthy growth of your hair because it contains essential fatty acids like omega 3 that promote blood circulation to your scalp.

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